SC series

High Speed Automatic Thread Rolling Machine

30 Degree Material Feeding

SC series High Speed Automatic Thread Rolling Machine uses oblique 30 degrees feeding, this series is characterized by feeding time shorter, Feeding speed faster, high precision, low noise and easy maintenance.
JC series & SC series full range of models can be optional fully sealed housing, in addition to effectively reducing lubricant splash and mist diffuse problem, elegant design but also to promote the corporate image.

High Speed Automatic Thread Rolling Machine

Model / SC20

High Speed Automatic Thread Rolling Machine

Enclosure Covering Thread Rolling Machine


Thread Rolling Machine Checker


Thread Rolling Machine Checker

  • Can check abnormalities, such as material defect, drag, floating head and head abnormality, etc.

  • Can stop and have warning automatically in case of defective products that can protect relative equipment and reduce the product defect rate.

  • Use all-detection method and auto function to reach the goal of economizing manpower.

LED Work Lamp


  • High-power and Explosion-proof type, safe and secure.

  • High luminance can make up the deficient lighting in work environment.

LED Work Lamp

Disk Brake


  • Promptly stop the machine in case of any emergency to reduce damage.

  • Good braking ability, low follow-up maintenance fees.

Disk Brake


  • Interlock with vibrating plate to avoid man-made errors to stop the machine.

  • Can greatly save manpower and increase efficiency.


Turbines Shaker


  • Compact size, shaking ability is higher than steel-ball shaker.

  • Turbines design, low noise, no need of maintenance but having a long service life.

  • Can make material flow more smoothly.

Turbines Shaker

Conveyor Transporter


  • For the transportation of finished products, can save additional manpower.



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